Yes, I am accepting new clients. Yes, I have immediate availability. Weekend and evening appointments are offered.

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Let me offer you a supportive, peaceful environment dedicated solely to your healing, regaining your happiness, and feeling whole and centered again. Together, we will work to help you feel better quickly. Along with being a warm, understanding psychotherapist with over 40 years of life experience, you will be provided scholarly and work expertise in relationship issues, depression, anxiety, child behavioral issues, PTSD, divorce, ADHD, financial and career issues, communication, anger management, self-esteem, social phobia, self-harm (SI), abandonment, estrangement, family conflict, BPD, and trauma. Both in office and distance counseling are available. Bible based christian treatment plans are available upon request. HYPNOSIS AVAILABLE.

Yes, I am taking NEW CLIENTS. Yes, I have IMMEDIATE AVAILABILITY. Sessions are always confidential and private. Ask about Social Service resources that may be available to you and your family. Choose to visit me at my office, or do a video session via VSee which is a HIPPA compliant medical video conferencing software.

I am also experienced, and work with the courts and clients on mandated anger management, and reunification counseling, with electronic video conferencing available. Sliding scale fees, student and military discounts are available. Weekend & evening therapy appointments are also available upon request. "Hypnotherapy is now available."

  • Stratetgic Family Therapy, DBT, CBT, Solution Focused, Group

  • College, Career, Transitions, Finances, Weight, Geriatric, Religion

  • Addressing behavioral patterns, Childhood Trauma, Self-Love, Multi-Life

  • Education, Resources, Referrals